iPhone XR Price In Nigeria UK Used 2023 Guide

The iPhone XR is one of the top Apple products that is purchased very well by Nigerian smartphone users. Most Nigerians cannot afford the first-hand package of the iPhone XR. So they go to the internet to Google “iPhone x r price in Nigeria UK used”. Because of this article, we will be covering A Practical Guide to the pricing options of iPhone XR in Nigeria and how much it will cost to purchase a London-used iPhone XR. Without further ado let us delve in. 

iPhone XR UK Used Price 2023

In 2023 the naira to the dollar exchange rate is the major factor affecting the price of products that businessmen import into Nigeria. The iPhone XR is a product not left out in the list of gadgets that have fluctuating prices in Nigeria.

 What affects the iPhone XR price in Nigeria UK used is strictly the dollar to the naira exchange rate. In light of this, the iPhone XR Price in Nigeria UK is half the sum used in getting an iPhone XR. It will cost a Nigerian 125,000 naira to get a UK used iPhone XR in Nigeria. 

There are so many physical shops that a Nigerian can go and get a UK used iPhone XR. For persons that prefer online shopping, there are also online sites that offer London-used iPhone XRs.

Why Are Second-Hand iPhone XRs Called “UK Used”?

iPhone XR Uk Used 2023

Not all smartphones dubbed “UK used” are used in the UK and imported into Nigeria. Some smartphones can also be used in Nigeria and sold in the thrift market as second-hand products and still be called  “UK used”.  The reason for dubbing smartphones or gadgets as “UK used”  is because of his historic reference to the history of the Nigerian gadget economy. In the past, the United Kingdom and the United States were preferred places where businessmen went to buy gadgets that were used by people but still maintained good shape and packaging. These thrift phones will be then shipped to Africa for sale. This is where the name UK used came from. So basically any second-hand smartphone in Nigeria can also be called a UK-used phone.

Best Places Where A Nigerian Can Get A UK Used iPhone XR

There are so many interesting shops where Nigerians can go and get a UK used iPhone XR. In the course of subsequent paragraphs will be covering the best places where you can go and get your iPhone XR UK used.

1. Jiji.ng

Jiji.ng is one of the biggest online marketplaces where Nigerians can go online and purchase second-hand products. You can go to Jiji.ng, create an account, and search through their product filter for UK used iPhone XRs. You will see product listings of UK used iPhone XRs that are posted by fellow Nigerians and other businesses. All you need to do is to make contact with people who posted their iPhone XR for sale, contact them and arrange for delivery, and payment. Worth noting is that jiji.ng has been in business in Nigeria for over a decade. And it can be trusted as a legit online marketplace for purchasing UK used products. 

2. Olist.ng

Olist.ng is another top store that is a subsidiary of Opera Mini. It is legitimate to place where you can make purchases of UK used iPhone XRs. All you need to do is to create an account, verify your identity, and then search through the product filter to identify a product of your choice and make a purchase.

3. Computer Villages In Different Parts a Nigeria 

Computer villages scattered across Nigeria are also hotspots for Nigerians that want to buy second-hand smartphones. Also worth noting is that it is easy to get scammed by these computer villages. If you want to buy a UK used iPhone XR in a computer village, be sure to investigate the specifications of the smartphone to avoid getting scammed. The iPhone XR price in Nigeria UK used for computer villages, Jiji, Olist and Jumia is not too variant from each other. 

iPhone XR Price In Nigeria UK Used SLOT 

SLOT is one of the leading stores in Nigeria where you can go and purchase your iPhone XR. First off, SLOT does not sell iPhone XR UK used phones. This entails that if you are looking for a SLOT store to buy an iPhone XR UK Used, you have run out of luck. SLOT is a buy/sell gadget brand that deals in first-hand products, not fairly used products. 

To buy a fairly used iPhone XR, you can head to the nearest computer village in your area or simply head to Olist and Jiji to make your purchase.

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