Oraimo Earbuds Review 2023: Price And Buyer Guide

Oraimo is one of the big-name brands that produce smart accessories for Nigerian users. In the course of this article, we will be doing a complete Oraimo Earbuds review alongside Oraimo Earbuds price in Nigeria. Without further mouthing let us delve in.

Oraimo Earbuds Price In Nigeria 

The Oraimo earbuds price in Nigeria starts at ₦14,000 and gets up to ₦47,000 depending on the type of Oraimo earbuds that you want to purchase. The best place to order a legit Oraimo Earbud is from Jumia because they offer users the best deals for Oraimo earbuds at discounted rates. A Nigerian can also purchase an Oraimo earbud at either Konga, SLOT, or any other retail store that sells smart gadgets and accessories.

5 Best Oraimo Earbuds That You Can Find In Nigerian eCommerce Stores | Oraimo Earbuds Jumia

1. Oraimo Freepods- 2Baba Version 

Just like most brands indulge celebrities to promote their products, the Oraimo tech brand uses the name and persona of Nigerian musician 2Baba to bring this Oraimo earbuds type to light. The price of the Oraimo 2Baba edition starts at ₦17,500. This is one of the best Oraimo earbuds that can be found in the Nigerian market. It supports the latest Bluetooth technology, which is BT Version 5.0. Interestingly, it has a talk range of 10 meters.

A battery capacity of 37mAh, and 500mAh for the casing of the earbuds. With the battery capacity of the Oraimo 2Baba version, you are set to get a battery life that can last for up to 82 hours on standby time, and 3 and half hours while constantly using the earbuds. Also worth noting is that you can use the casing of the Oraimo Earbuds, to charge the earbuds 6 different times to fullness. 

2. Oraimo Riff Smaller For Comfort 

In our list of best Oraimo earbuds to use, another interesting Oraimo type is the Oraimo Riff Smaller for comfort. This is one of the recent releases from the Oraimo brand. The starting price of the Oraimo Riff Smaller For Comfort is ₦ 18,000. The best place to opt for this Oraimo Earbud is in Jumia Nigeria because it has subsidized pricing. 

Did you know that your Oraimo Riff Smaller Comfort Earbuds have splash and sweat protection? If you have it splattered with a little water, the Oraimo will still maintain its structural integrity. Not all the Earbuds in this Oraimo Earbuds Review have IPX4 Splash & Sweat Protection-All-weather Protection.  It can last for 4 days without usage, and just 3 and half hours if it is used constantly. Also worth noting is that the casing can be used to charge the Earbuds 6 times till fullness.

3. Oraimo Sport Buds True Wireless

In our review of the best Oraimo Earbuds, the Oraimo Sport Buds True Wireless comes third. It is an interesting Oraimo accessory with lots of specifications that makes it buyer worthy. This Earbud supports the latest Bluetooth technology. Just like other Oraimo Earbuds in this listicle, it has a talk range of 10 meters. Each bud has an independent battery capacity of 50mAh. In 98 hours of standby time, the Oraimo Earbud will be fully functional. However, if playtime is involved, you can use the Oraimo Sport True Wireless Earbuds for 5 and half hours.

The major downside of this Oraimo Earbuds type is that it only provides up to 4 full charges with its casing. The pricing of this Earbud starts at ₦ 19,163 at the Jumia Store. The best-recommended place to purchase the Oraimo Sports True Wireless Earbuds is on Jumia. 

4. Oraimo Freepods 2

This list of best Oraimo Earbuds will not be complete without reviewing the Oraimo True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds- Freepods. Imagine having Earbuds that can give you hours of listening pleasure, coupled with snugly fitting and unmatched comfort. This is what the Oraimo Freepods bring to the table. They can give you an extended 24.5-hour play Time, alongside the latest Bluetooth technology support. The pricing of the Oraimo Freepods 2 on Jumia starts at ₦ 15,890.

5. Oraimo AirBuds2S Super Bass True Wireless Stereo Earbuds–2021 LE

This Oraimo Earbuds type has Bass support, a talking range of 10 meters, and supports the latest Bluetooth version (5.0). Each Earbud in this Oraimo accessory type has a 55mAh battery capacity, while the casing provides only two full charges with its 400 mAh battery capacity. These downsides are compensated by the fact the Oraimo AirBuds2S Super Bass True Wireless Stereo Earbuds–2021 LE has a Type-C port. The pricing of this Oraimo Earbud starts at ₦ 20,970 at Jumia. 

What Is The Most Expensive Oraimo Earbud In The Nigerian Accessory Market?

The most expensive Oraimo Earbud is the Oraimo FreePods Pro ANC Active Noise Cancellation Wireless Earbuds. This Earbud is very expensive because it has a noise cancellation feature. By noise cancellation, we mean that this Oraimo Earbud is engineered to generate waves that cancel sound waves that don’t originate from itself. Making it impossible to hear anything from the external environment. The pricing of these noise-cancelling Oraimo Earbuds starts at ₦ 49,438. It is best to purchase this Earbud from Jumia, because of deliverability and transparency in pricing. 

Specifications Of Oraimo Noise Canceling Earbuds That Make It The Most Expensive Oraimo Earbud 

  1. This Oraimo Earbud supports the latest 5.2 Bluetooth technology. 
  2. It has a battery capacity of 70mAh for each earbud and  510mAh for the casing. 
  3. If you turn off the noise cancelling feature of this Earbud, you will get 30 hours of playtime usage.
  4. With the noise-calling feature turned on, you will get 23 hours of playtime usage. 
  5. This noise-cancelling Earbud gives its potential users a Type-C port functionality. 

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