Beginners Guide To Adsterra Arbitrage For Nigerian Bloggers

One mantra that Nigerian bloggers sing is, “blogging is hard and it is hard to rank your blog on Google”. In light of this, a lot of bloggers have turned to non-conventional ways of cashing out with advertisement networks while still not using Google as their major source of organic traffic. This is where Adsterra Arbitrage comes in. In the course of this article, we will be covering everything you need to know about Adsterra arbitrage, and how you can join the moving bandwagon and cash out. Without further mouthing, let us delve in.

What Is Adsterra Arbitrage?

As the name implies, Arbitrage is when you leverage an existing market to make a profit from another market. In the case of Adsterra arbitrage, you are buying lower CPC ads from Facebook, and using the traffic to profit from Adsterra. The Facebook visitors will click on the ads, depending on the CTR, and give you a good ROI.

The success of Adsterra arbitrage depends on whether or not you were able to purchase cheap ads from Facebook. There are cases where the ad budget on Facebook is costlier than the profit garnered from Adsterra. 

How To Sign Up And Implement Adsterra In Order To Start Your Arbitrage Hustle

When you buy traffic from Facebook, you want to get more conversions from the Facebook ads, so that you have tangible cash out from Adsterra. Well, this cannot be accomplished without implementing Adsterra ads on your blog properly. 

Adsterra Arbitrage is only effective if the below-listed conditionals are followed:

  • The blog owner goes on to invest X amount to purchase traffic for their site, or blog. 
  • The blogger will place Adsterra ads on their web page or blog post, by using codes, or a plugin. 
  • Finally, the blogger will turn the traffic into paid clicks by compelling the visitors to click on the ads. Thereby monetizing the low CPC Facebook ads via Adsterra. 

One tip that you should bear in mind while trying to indulge in Adsterra arbitrage is that you should try to hit two birds with one stone. By this, we mean focusing on an improved state-of-the-art user experience, and still implementing ads that can churn out a profit with Facebook’s low CPC traffic.

Guide On How To Implement Adsterra Ads That Can Turn To Profit With Facebook Ads

Here are practical guides to follow in order to make more money with Adsterra:

  1.  Sign up for Adsterra as a “Publisher”.
  2. Get your ad code, and add it to your site. 
  3. Put a Social bar on your blog header. 
  4. Put in the native ad code on your blog post after its H1 (first header).
  5. Put Adsterra skyscraper ads on your footer.
  6. This might limit user experience, but experimentally, to all your images, add Adsterra direct links.
  7. Buy your low CPC traffic from Facebook.

How To Get Low CPC Traffic From Facebook Ads 

Here are practical tips to follow in order to land low CPC traffic from Facebook ads:

  1. In order to optimize your Ads on Facebook for low CPC, use a simple picture as your thumbnail.
  2. Select one gender between male and female. Opting for more than one gender category will increase your “Cost Per Click”.
  3. The age range for your Ads campaign on Facebook for low CPC should be within the range of 26-34. 
  4. Choose a nice attractive heading.
  5. Select the duration, and target audience. A Nigerian, South African, or Kenyan audience will come cheap, and can easily be converted to cash, via the Adsterra ad network.
  6. Proceed to publish the ad campaign, then wait for the best results.
    With a Facebook ad CPC of 0.50 kobo, you are bound to get 10k clicks with a budget of 5k naira. 


That you are in pursuit of financial success as a blogger using Adsterra arbitrage does not mean that you should toy with the golden rules of content creation. Always be committed to creating quality content, design your blog to improve user experience, and best of luck.

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