Williams Uchemba Biography And Net Worth 2023

One of the most popular actors in the Nigerian entertainment sphere is Williams Uchemba. Williams Uchemba is a successful Nigerian actor, model, comedian, businessman and philanthropist. One notable position that he currently holds is the United nation ambassador and representative to the united nation. In the course of this article, we would be elucidating on Williams Uchemba’s biography, wherewith we would cover information about his age, net worth, businesses and life lessons from his success.

Williams Uchemba Biography

Williams uchemba biography

Mr. Williams Uchemba was born and bred in Abia state. Though, this does not make it his place of origin. Mr. Williams uchemba hails from Imo state, Umueze Village in Obazu. He was born into the family of Uche-Mbah and started his acting career as a child. However he is one of the most popular child actors that turned out successful in Nigeria. The success in most of his character play in movies he features in shows that he has raw talent in the industry. Worth noting is the fact that Williams uchemba has the ability to interpret his roles well and fit in. This is how he earned a role in the Merry Men 2 role. The Merry Men 2 is one of the most popular films in Nigeria that features a lot of male celebrities in it.

Williams Uchemba Educational Status

He got his early education in Abia state, where he earned his first school living and West African senior school certificate. After Williams uchemba completed his primary and secondary school education, he went on to Nsukka to further his studies. He is a Notable Alumni of the University of Nigeria Nsukka. In the university of Nigeria nsukka, he went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in International Relations after four years of study.

Williams Uchemba Age

This popular Nigerian actor was born into the family of Uche-Mbah on the 22nd of October 1994. This implies that in the year 2021, he would turn 27 years of age.

He accomplished a lot of great feats in his very youthful days. For instance, taking into account his early success back in 2001 when he rose to fame. Williams uchemba featured in a blockbuster Nollywood movie “the journey of the Dead”, where he acted roles together with the then greats; Pete Edochie, Ramsey Noah, and Olu Jacobs. He gained more traction in the year 2003 as a successful child actor. In 2003, he featured in yet another thrilling Nollywood, movie; “Beyond Belief”. He was then known as a smart kid that played interesting roles in lots of successful Nollywood movies.

What is Williams uchemba currently Doing?

Mr Williams uchemba after his successful gig at the Merry Men 2 role, is currently into producing comedy skits. The comedy skits of Williams uchemba feature doing laughable solo roles that sarcastically portray Nigerian culture to any indulging audience. His skits have gained a lot of traction on social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.

He has a large following on those channels, as this is evident with the millions of views he accrues alongside the thousands of audience engagements (comments, shares, and likes).

Mr Williams Uchemba is currently based in the United States of America, where he shoots most of his skits.

Did you know that Williams uchemba floats a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)? He makes use of this organization in a charitable way. The name of his organization is the Williams uchemba foundation and has come to the side of a lot of physically challenged Nigerians.

Williams Uchemba’s Movie Career and Awards

In the course of the acting career of Williams uchemba, he has acted in over 90 Nollywood movies that all turned out to be a huge successes.  Some of the most successful of these movies include:

1. Dorathy my love

2. Beyond belief

3. I love what I hate

4. The African Rideshare

5. The World of Riches

6. Sorrows of Becky

7. Oh my son

8. The Journey of the Dead, etc.

It would not be wrong to assert that Williams uchemba is one of the most talented and handsome actors in Nigeria. He has gotten a lot of success due to his ability to interpret his roles well. This has in a way given him a lot of individual accolades that we would be elucidating soon.

Every major career success comes with a large shelf with awards. Well, Williams Uchemba has one of such shelves!

In the year 2002, Williams won the award of Best Kid actor at the Africa Movie Academy Awards.

Here are some of the notable awards that Williams uchemba has won in the course of his acting career:

1. Most Promising Actor in Nigeria- Africa Magic Viewers Choice Award

2. Best Kid Actor at the African Movie Academy Awards

3. Most Promising Actor to Watch at the Best of Nollywood Awards

4. Best Actor in a Comedy at the City People Entertainment Awards.

Williams Uchemba Relationship Life

Mr Williams Uchemba kept his relationship a secret until he brought it to light in November 2020. They got engaged in October 2020 and are currently happily married.

He is married to charitably and makes use of this organizationNigeria’srs. Brunella Oscar, who was based in the United Kingdom. Mrs Brunella hails from Anambra state, Alor, Idemili. She had her tertiary education at Anglia Ruskin University in England.

 How Old Is Williams Uchemba Wife?

There were rumours that Williams Uchemba’s wife was older than him. Well, we are here to assert that the rumours are true. She was born to the family of Mr Mrs Oscar Nwaolisa on the 20th of April 1992. This means that the age of Brunella Oscar is 31 years. Meaning she is 2 years older than Williams uchemba.

On this side of the world (Africa), a lot of people measure the tangibility of love with age. But Williams Uchemba saw something different (love is love, despite age differences!).

How does Williams Uchemba Make his Money?

Did you know that Williams uchemba has more endorsement deals than most of his contemporaries in Nollywood? His heavy accomplishments have given me opportunities to land Merch deals with big companies. Williams Uchemba has endorsements from brands like Chiji14xchange, Sapphire scents, Roxbury Leisure Homes, Pennek Nigeria Limited, and lots more.

Life Lessons to learn from Williams Uchemba

You are Your better self

There is a known philosophical fact that you are better than you know it. The industry of your hustle deserves to see a better version of you every day. This is something that motivates Williams every day.

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